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AIRDAL® Coating – How it works

Step 1

With the AIRDAL® CLEANER & PRIMER wet wipe or with the AIRDAL® CLEANER & PRIMER spray, non-absorbent surfaces are first degreased and cleaned.

Step 2

Non-absorbent surfaces are then coated with the AIRDAL® COATING wet wipe or spray. Absorbent surfaces can be coated with AIRDAL® COATING Spray.


An antimicrobial fixed layer of glass is developed. After 6 hours drying time (room temperature) the surface can be used again.

AIRDAL® Coating eliminates up to 99.9% of microorganism and prevents the occurrence of bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, mould and yeasts.

Start of effect: Already 1 hour after application the antimicrobial effect comes to pass.

Public sector
Sports facilities
Public transport
Sanitary facilities

Ideal protection against viruses and bacteria.

Thanks to its unique characteristics, AIRDAL® Coating is suitable for all living spaces and objects used in our everyday life. The reliable protection against viruses and bacteria can be applicable e.g. in the retail sector (shopping trolleys, counters, storage and cash register systems), in the gastronomy business, at vending systems, in sanitary facilities and in public areas.

Furthermore, in offices or private life it reliably keeps elevators, handrails, door handles, tables, furniture, mobile phones, keyboards etc. clean from viruses and bacteria and additionally protects them against abrasion. AIRDAL® Coating can also be applied in public transportation as well as in a passenger car interior (e.g. fittings, steering wheels and door handles) to keep it free of microbial infestation over a longer timeframe.