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AIRDAL® – Permanent antimicrobial

AIRDAL® – Permanent antimicrobial

AIRDAL® – Permanent antimicrobial

AIRDAL® – Permanent antimicrobial

AIRDAL® – Permanent antimicrobial

AIRDAL® – Permanent antimicrobial

AIRDAL® powered by Liquid Guard Technology German Innovation Award Winner 2019


We pursue the target to make our daily life easier and to protect our health with a reliable, sustainable and easy-to-use protection against viruses and bacteria.

Our product AIRDAL® offers a visionary solution which significantly reduces the risk of infection by germs, viruses and bacteria.

With the sealing of surfaces and objects used in our everyday life, a protective film gets applied which

significantly reduces the contamination with viruses and bacteria over a considerable timeframe.

As a result, we are less exposed to points of contact with infectious microbes by touching door handles, touchscreens, washbasins, handrails, etc.

Our advantage: AIRDAL® Coating protects the sealed surfaces from microbial attacks for at least 12 months.

AIRDAL® Coating

How it works!

AIRDAL® Coating can either be applied by wet wiping or spraying, yet without impairing the underlying surface or material. After the application it takes six hours until an invisible, long-lasting, resistant and ultrathin layer consisting of 100% transparent amorphous glass is build. The hereby applied Molybsan technology has the effect, that the resistance and surface energy of the coated material is changed in a way that microorganisms cannot adhere anymore. This effect is a solely physical one, meaning that no pesticides or other comparable substances are applied.

An additional advantage of AIRDAL® Coating can be seen in the unique GLIDE function meaning that the Airdal layer protects the surface from the common signs of wear from sliding contact. Thus, the protective layer does not only reduce the contamination with viruses and bacteria but also serves as a sealant and protection of the coated surfaces. On top of that and due to those characteristics of AIRDAL® Coating, the treated surfaces are also easier to clean.

The certified antimycotic effect lasts for a proven duration of at least 12 months.

Proven effects:

Against TGEV Coronavirus
• Virus reduction after 1 hour 90%
• Virus reduction after 8 hours 99,9%

Against Escherichia coli bacteria:
• Germ reduction after 0,5 hours 99,62%
• Germ reduction after 1 hour 99,95%

Please check our certificates for further information.

AIRDAL® Coating – Characteristics


Scientifically verified antibacterial effect


A virus reduction of 99.9% was proven, especially for the TGEV corona virus.


Permanent fungicidial effect

Odour inhibiting

Prevents odour development due to microbial infestation

Prevents mite formation

Doesn’t provide a breeding ground for house dust mites

Mould protection

Allows no mould growth on smooth and coarse surfaces

AIRDAL® Coating – How it works

Step 1

With the AIRDAL® CLEANER & PRIMER wet wipe or with the AIRDAL® CLEANER & PRIMER spray, non-absorbent surfaces are first degreased and cleaned.

Step 2

Non-absorbent surfaces are then coated with the AIRDAL® COATING wet wipe or spray. Absorbent surfaces can be coated with AIRDAL® COATING Spray.


An antimicrobial fixed layer of glass is developed. After 6 hours drying time (room temperature) the surface can be used again.

AIRDAL® Coating eliminates up to 99.9% of microorganism and prevents the occurrence of bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, mould and yeasts.

Start of effect: Already 1 hour after application the antimicrobial effect comes to pass.

Public sector
Sports facilities
Public transport
Sanitary facilities

Ideal protection against viruses and bacteria.

Thanks to its unique characteristics, AIRDAL® Coating is suitable for all living spaces and objects used in our everyday life. The reliable protection against viruses and bacteria can be applicable e.g. in the retail sector (shopping trolleys, counters, storage and cash register systems), in the gastronomy business, at vending systems, in sanitary facilities and in public areas.

Furthermore, in offices or private life it reliably keeps elevators, handrails, door handles, tables, furniture, mobile phones, keyboards etc. clean from viruses and bacteria and additionally protects them against abrasion. AIRDAL® Coating can also be applied in public transportation as well as in a passenger car interior (e.g. fittings, steering wheels and door handles) to keep it free of microbial infestation over a longer timeframe.

Technical Specifications

Chemical BasisModified silicon dioxide
Weather proof2000h (ISO 11507 A) corresponds to a weathering of 3-4 years
Layer thicknessapprox. 150-300nm
Water repellentslightly hydrophobic
Temp. stabilityTemperature stability of the cured coating (after 6h): -20 degrees Celsius to +150 degrees Celsius
Temp. sensitivityStorage conditions of the liquid: Do not exceed or fall below 3-40 degrees Celsius.
YieldWipe set with 2 wet wipes for up to 4 sqm
Spray with 250ml for up to 50qm
Spray with 1l for up to 200qm
Resistanceglass, ceramic >40,000 cleaning cycles with water or paper towel
precious metals >20,000 cleaning cycles with water. Plastics >5,000
cleaning cycles with water
Shelf life24 months
EffectivenessAt least 12 months

Documents for download

6 Test for surface modification

AIRDAL® powered by Liquid Guard Technology German Innovation Award Winner 2019