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Technical Data

Technical Specifications

Chemical BasisModified silicon dioxide
Weather proof2000h (ISO 11507 A) corresponds to a weathering of 3-4 years
Layer thicknessapprox. 150-300nm
Water repellentslightly hydrophobic
Temp. stabilityTemperature stability of the cured coating (after 6h): -20 degrees Celsius to +150 degrees Celsius
Temp. sensitivityStorage conditions of the liquid: Do not exceed or fall below 3-40 degrees Celsius.
YieldWipe set with 2 wet wipes for up to 4 sqm
Spray with 250ml for up to 50qm
Spray with 1l for up to 200qm
Resistanceglass, ceramic >40,000 cleaning cycles with water or paper towel
precious metals >20,000 cleaning cycles with water. Plastics >5,000
cleaning cycles with water
Shelf life24 months
EffectivenessAt least 12 months